The Emergence of Abeokuta Designs

amma press releaseAbeokuta Enteprises has changed over the last thirty eight years since it was founded in 1974, from textile tye-dye designs, to vending at the International African Arts Festival since it was called the “African Street Festival” on 10 Claver Place in Brooklyn to the DanceAfrica events to traveling trunk shows.

Now after many years of many different eras of styles and the emergence of African inspired clothing becoming more popular Abeokuta has under gone some re-visioning while staying true to its original vision of “customized and one of kind African inspired clothing” that makes you feel exquisite, chic and just fabulous! Abeokuta Enterprises has grown to Abeokuta Designs- which is the clothing line, Abeokuta Textiles- tye-dye textile designs, and Abeokuta hats- custom hats.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments on new clothing lines and products! 2013 is sure to be amazing and we have designs with you in mind!

-One of kind African inspired clothing for the chic and fashionable

-Amma, Founder and Principal Designer of Abeokuta Enterprises

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