about abeokuta

Abeokuta offers specialized one-of-a-kind fabric and clothing for the artful dresser. In addition, to wearable art there is a full line of textiles used for interior design. Abeokuta Designs maintains a competitive edge with prompt order fulfillment, excellent customer relations and a continued replenishment of custom design capabilities.

Custom Designed Apparel

 Abeokuta can design a one of kind outfit for almost any event, including weddings, proms, special events or every day apparel for work and leisure. Want to walk with a sense of style, be culturally centered, affordably priced and have a one of kind outfit? Then choose the exquisite design of …Abeokuta!

Amma hand picks fabrics, with apparel featuring silks, rayons, cottons from Africa and India, including silk shantung, duponi, brocade, wools, and linens.  Each piece has hand picked fabrics, accessories, buttons, with eye for flare and your unique style.

Customers have included Queen Latifah, Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Bassett, Phyliss Yvonne Stickney, and Rita Marley.

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